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02 6653 8493
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Kim WiseWorld leading health and rehabilitation specialist: Scientist (Anatomy Major), Registered Physiotherapist, Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner and Movement Intelligence teacher. Effective treatments for people with chronic pain, impeded movement and neurological conditions.

Based on the Coffs Coast, NSW Australia. Registered Provider for all Health Funds, Worker's Compensation, EPC (Medicare), Third Party Injury & Veteran Affairs.

If you suffer from injury, chronic pain or a debilitating condition and looking for a way to alleviate your pain or learn how to move and function again, contacting Kim Wise may well be the wisest thing you can do.

Kim is well known for her success in helping others learn to overcome pain and/or disability where so many other 'therapies' have failed in the long term.

Upcoming Event

Public workshop in Coffs Harbour for National Pain Week: Managing Chronic Pain - Sunday 27 July 2014

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Kim is a highly qualified and experienced teacher who is at the leading edge in the field of neuroplasticity and movement intelligence. She can teach you a gentle way to heal yourself and move without pain and dysfunction. Your nervous system is intelligent and highly evolved. It has the innate ability to learn to re-organise and re-shape itself. You will be amazed how easy, effective and fun the Feldenkrais Method and Bones For Life approach is.

More and more people are being told to seek out Feldenkrais if they suffer from conditions that don’t get better with classical physical therapy and rehabilitation treatments. Kim helps people from all backgrounds and situations, from those suffering from injuries or debilitating conditions to those who simply want to practice a new way of moving that can change your life.

The Feldenkrais Method is an educative approach that involves moving with a deeper awareness of your body. The practice was founded by the late Dr Moshe Feldenkrais, Master of Neuroplasticity (1904 – 1984).

Kim’s life work is to dramatically improve people’s ability to function and thereby improve the quality of people’s lives. If you are looking for vitality and health, please read on.

Treatments / Private Lessons

Hands-on Private Functional Integration lessons and treatments take place at Kim’s private practice in Upper Orara near Coffs Harbour. On Tuesdays, appointments are available at West High St, Coffs Harbour.

Kim is a Registered Provider for all Health Funds, Worker's Compensation, EPC (Medicare), Third Party Injury & Veteran Affairs.

Call Kim on (02) 6653 8493 or 0427 538 493 for information or bookings

Kim also holds regular classes and workshops.

The Feldenkrais Method

The Feldenkrais Method is a gentle, subtle, effective and powerful way of learning through the process of developing self-awareness through movement in two ways: through verbally instructed movement lessons and hands-on lessons.

"I don't fix people, I act as a mirror; what you get is a map of yourself - I then offer your body map new ways to move, your nervous system learns new options through experiencing them and that is where you begin on the path to your own recovery,” says Kim. “You learn, you heal – it is as simple as that. When your cells get the right messages they regenerate no matter how old you are (see testimonial of an 88-year-old lady).”

There are numerous case studies of children diagnosed at birth with profound brain damage who have after extensive and early intervention improved 'way beyond' parent and doctors expectations. Parents witness transformations instantaneously.

What Feldenkrais can help with:
  • Physical pain: e.g. back, neck, knee, shoulder, ankle, foot, hand and arm pain or tendinitis.

  • Movement restrictions caused by disability, such as a stroke.

  • Movement and/or neurological disorders, such as cerebral palsy, developmental delay, MS or Parkinson’s.

  • Injuries: e.g. post-car accident issues, recovering from surgery, or herniated spinal disc.

  • Poor movement habits from a sedentary lifestyle, or from repetitive use of body parts due to manual labour.

  • TMJ: temporomandibular disorders, including tinnitus.

  • Athletes who want to improve their performance.
Read more about Kim's qualifications and background.

Want to know more? Refer to the Australian Feldenkrais Guild website: www.feldenkrais.org.au

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